What is MixForMe?

MixForMe is a revolutionary website custom designed to provide a simple and intuitive way for artists to get their music mixed and mastered by quality engineers at a reasonable price. Often going to a studio for mixing or mastering will cost through the roof, which for unsigned artists or people on a low budget can be too much of a stretch. MixForMe allows clients to register, and get their tracks mixed and/or mastered at a much more affordable price - all through the site. MixForMe has been built with the client in mind so we have a seamless integration with file hosting site Sendspace.com which can cater for files up to 300MB in size. Clients can also link to files which they may have already uploaded to their own site or another file hosting service.

MixForMe also aims to be a hub for sound engineering information by introducing an engineer blog. This blog will allow our engineers to share their latest thoughts/ideas/experiences/tips for a wide range of topics with the clients. Clients can comment on the blogs and interact with the engineers.

How much do mixes and masters cost?

The pricing for mixes and masters is decided by the individual engineers. At MixForMe we aim to provide a range of engineers offering a range of prices to cater for nearly every budget - from unsigned bedroom artists to large budget corporations. MixForMe is all about choice.

What do I get in return for my payment?

The MixForMe engineer policy is that they MUST provide the client with at LEAST 3 mixdowns. This means when a client uploads a track to be mixed an engineer will do a first mixdown, which will sent back to the client. The client can then comment on the mix and request changes. The engineer then will perform a second mixdown and again send it back to the client. The client then gets at least one more opportunity to request changes. Engineers then perform at least one more mixdown for the client. At this stage the engineer is entitled to classify the mix as complete. However it is down to the engineers discretion how many mixdowns they are willing to do, but the minimum is 3 (providing that the client is not happy with the first 2.)

Once both parties are satisfied with the mixdown the engineer will usually provide the client with a zip folder of an 192kbps MP3 of the mixdown and an uncompressed .WAV version. Once this is done, the transaction is complete.

How do I contact the engineer to give them feedback on the mixdown?

MixForMe has a built in messaging/discussion system for each track. When a client uploads a track to mix they provide the engineer with details of how they want the mix to sound. This is done through the upload form. The engineer is emailed with the details and when they upload a mixdown a discussion is automatically created for that track. The client and engineer can both post comments and reply to eachother within the track discussion section - essentially a private forum between the engineer and the client. This is accessible by clicking the 'Feedback' button in your track list in the manage tracks section of the site.

How do I choose my engineer?

MixForMe has a section dedicated to our engineers. Our Engineers page lists the details of all engineers currently working for the site. This includes their rating (given by clients at the end of each transaction), a photo, a biography, information on their primary genre, 3 sample tracks, a list of their recent blog posts and a contact form for each engineer. This contact form can be used to ask the engineer any questions prior to purchasing a track mix or master from them.

What types of files can I upload?

MixForMe limits clients and engineers to uploading .zip or .rar files. This is a security measure and is because when songs have multiple audio tracks associated with them (e.g. acapella, backing vocals, drums, bass, guitar etc) then it is far more manageable if they are sent in a compressed format such as .zip and .rar. The maximum file size is 300MB, anything greater than this will fail to upload. However, for such occasions where the file is greater than 300MB, MixForMe has provided a simple alternative. Clients and engineers can also upload 'links' to files, which means they can upload their file to their own website, or to a file transfer site such as Sendspace.com. There is a list of recommended sites available here.

How do I know if the engineer is available to work?

In Our Engineers section for all engineers there is a contact form. In the drop down list for query type you can select 'Availability Request.' This function can be used to ask if an engineer is currently available to work.

What do I need to provide to the engineer for a mix?

When you upload, or link, your .rar or .zip file it is thoroughly recommended that you provide all parts of your tracks as .wav files plus a single .mp3 of a rough mix of your track so the engineer knows where to place the seperate parts of your track. You can also use this mix to show the engineer where you may want reverb, delays or other effects. Please remember though to only send the raw .wav files, do not send .wav's with any variety of processors or effects applied to them.

What do I need to provide to the engineer for a master?

When you upload, or link, your .rar or .zip file it is recommended you include a 24bit WAV of your mix and ideally one or two commercially released tracks as reference points for the engineer to work from. This will give them an idea of what it is you want to achieve from the mastering.

How do I contact the site?

Please use the contact form to contact the site directly. You can specify what type of query you are sending so it will be directed to the correct department.

What is this Security Code and why do I have to enter it?

There is a problem on the internet with spammers and 'bots' sending unsolicited messages to people. The security code on the contact forms are to stop 'bots' from sending messages automatically to the site. The security code on the registration form is to stop bots from registering to the website. This is for the benefit of the site and it's users to limit the problem of spamming and 'bots'.

I have forgotten my password, how do I get it back?

Please click on the 'Forgot Password?' button in the login page to request your password get sent to your registered email address.

I am not happy with the work my engineer has done, can I have a refund?

If you are ever dissatisfied with any service you have received at MixForMe then please do not hesitate to contact our technical/account support team using the contact form. We will endeavour to do everything we can to ensure you are happy with the service you receive and we will treat each case on an individual basis.