Advertise with us

MixForMe is a specialist website dedicated to delivering a high quality of service to clients in the music industry. We believe in delivering what the customer wants and bringing you the customers you want. Therefore we are keen to work with other entities in the music industry as we attempt to ensure our customers get exposed to adverts relevant to their interests and industry.

If you believe we have the target audience for you then please contact us and select 'advertising' from the drop down list. We are more than willing to cater for nearly every banner size and location.

The cost

The current cost of advertising with us is GBP£10 per banner advert for a length of 1 month.
If you have a bespoke request then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do for you and your company.
We also track the number of impressions (times the banner shows up) and the number of clicks which is information we can send you as advertisers on a regular basis so you can decide whether to continue advertising with us or not

The terms

  • Payment per month is up-front.
  • MixForMe reserves the right to remove any banner advert at any time without notice if it is deemed to break these terms.
  • No refunds will be issued for banners which are removed as a result of breaking these terms.
  • Ad suitability and acceptance is at the discretion of MixForMe and MixForMe alone.
  • Advertisement banners may be of any size within reason (please contact us to find out more) up to and including 728by90px standard leaderboard size.
  • Advertisements linking to sites containing illegal content including but not limited to copyright infringement/file sharing will not be accepted
  • All banners will be hosted on the MixForMe server and will not be allowed to be changed during the period of the month that has been prepaid, without prior consent from MixForMe